STAG is a bar for men. It was opened in 2015 Koriyama Fukushima. We don't have a karaoke. You can spend the time that you relax in the calm atmosphere. We are a 15-minutes walk from Koriyama Station. About 500 yen by taxi. We are the location of the nearby Koriyama civic culture center.( koriyama bunka center) ※The visitor of female can't enter it.



Every Sunday and Monday are regular holidays.

The last day is a holiday in the case of consecutive holidays.


( last update  3/Mar/2023)

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About our coronavirus countermeasures.

Please measure the temperature and disinfect with alcohol when you enter STAG.

Those with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter us.

In addition, please note that the staff will also be open with masks.

Let's drink safely and enjoyably!



28-15 doumae koriyama Fukushima JAPAN 9638877   


phone 024-933-0778

Please tap the phone number if you are a smart phone user.

Hi, I'm Eiji. I'm look forword to meeting you at STAG

COVER charge

Bottle keep Style;

In Japan, bars offer something called “bottle keep” in which a customer can buy a bottle of their preferred liquor such as shochu, whiskey and Japanese sake, drink some of it and then have the bar keep the rest in the same bottle, to be consumed the next time they visit the place. This is done to allow people to drink without worrying on finishing a bottle of liquor at once. We offers many types of liquor.


first time, you pay cover charge 1800yen + Bottle fee. (ex : shochu 4000yen~, whisky 6000yen~) 

next time later only cover charge of 1800yen each time.(includ some snack)

Shot Style;

Cover charge is 1800 Yen including your first drink and some snack Each extra drink will cost 800 yen.

(liquor and soft drink. / Most Japanese Gay Bars are same style.)


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